during the elaboration of his brand new album ( autumn 2007 ), rodolphe burger invites esther berelowitsch -photographer, drawer- in going after him into the very-backstage.

R o d o l p h e / B u r g e r

I wander if it's useful to introduce him. Well then just a slight bit: works with a pack of artists, which it would be tedious to make out a list of. After directing Higelin's new album, he's now launched out into his, brand new, very expected. The alchemist is kneading...

E s t h e r / B e r e l o w i t s c h

After five years of immigration in Alsace lands (Strasbourg ESAD studies), I met Rodolphe in Paris through Anne-Lise Broyer and Nicolas Comment (Dernière Bande Music previous managers, photographers, publishers, writers, composer). It followed a collaboration on his concerts, then on the recordings at the Farm -the Klein Leberau Studio.